A dentist’s job is to provide regular check-ups in your mouth and gums. The job also consists of restoration of teeth broken or lost by corrosion, trauma or other reasons, by using a wide selection of techniques and materials. A dentist listens to your problems, diagnoses the cause helping you prevent and treat disorders of the teeth and gums. There are a quantity of treatments they use. Depending after your trouble, they employ various treatments help and restore the natural teeth, remove decayed the teeth if necessary, and provide artificial replacements. Some of the dentists also provide oral prosthetics utilizing enhancements. A dentist can either be a solo doctor or can form teams to work together. Basic practitioners examine teeth and other tissues of the mouth, and evaluate medical ( dental ) health using X-rays, analysis procedures and instruments. That they emphasize preventative dentistry with their patients. Los Angeles Dentists also perform routine periodic examinations, remove decay, prepare and fill cavities, fit connections and take impressions for crowns and dentures. In addition they treat gums, and perform corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to deal with gum diseases. Dentists use a variety of equipment like x-ray machines, workouts, mouth mirrors, probes, tooth brushes, forceps, scalpels and others. To protect from contagious diseases they wear markers, gloves, and safety eyeglasses while examining or dealing with a patient. Dentists can also administer anesthetics if required.There are about eight specialty areas known by the American oral association (ada). Many dental surgeons specialize as orthodontists, while others prefer to be oral surgeons. These two are the key preferences of any dentists. Other areas include pedodontics, which is dentistry for youngsters; periodontics, which is about treating gums; prosthodontics, which works with making teeth or dentures; endodontics, which focuses on doing root canal therapy; open public health dentistry; and verbal pathology, which will cover diseases of the mouth area.